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stay at home

As a society, we believe, we all are responsible for tackling important global health issues. Therefore, we’d like to ask you to join us in helping share information and the relevant steps needed to help handle the Covid-19 pandemic in the best possible way.

As humans, we all have the power (and responsibility) to do our part of the work in helping stop the spread. By being informed, we can avoid panic, but on the other hand, we should stop underestimating the effects Covid-19 has taken on all aspects of our lives. The sooner we all start acting, the faster we will be able, not to stop, but to reduce the impacts of this pandemic.

We are all in this together. Even though this is a serious matter, there are still serious steps that can be taken to prevent, reduce and eventually stop the virus.

To move on, we have curated a series of products to help you endure during this home self quarantine. We have also, put a lot of them on discount with expedited FREE delivery to 1-2 weeks.

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