Six Essentials for a Solid Gym Routine

Every guy around the planet exercises even a but every few days. Your body goes through intensive stress to recover after each workout. Here we give you 6 essentials for a solid gym routine so your body can recover quickly, just in time for the next exercise.

 These essential tips for solid gym routine are valid for all kinds of training whether high intensity training, cardio, cross fit, football or even lingering on th treadmill for hours and showing off to the girls!

1. PreWorkout Snack

Fuel up with some quick carb sources such as a banana. berries. or some pre-workout!

Time before workout: 20-45 minutes


Perform some dynamic stretches and do a quick cardio warmup on the treadmill or bike.

Total time to warmup:10-15 minutes

3. Strength Training

Create a training split that covers all muscles groups. working different ones daily. Do about 5-7 different workout moves per workout. Vary rep and set ranges based upon physique goals.

Total lifting time: 30-90 minutes


Get your heart rate up into your Target Heart Rate Range a majority of the time. Mix up your cardio style with HIIT and LISS. Perform at least 2x/week 20-45 minutes for optimal heart health and adjust according to physique goals and preferences.

Total cardio time: 30-60 minutes


Perform static stretches to help prevent muscle soreness. injury and improve flexibility. Don’t skimp out on this crucial element!

Total stretching time:15-20 minutes


Get your protein in! Grab a protein bar. shake. or eat some meat! Fuel your recovery and see how great you feel post workout! Get hydrated after and throughout your workout!

Time after workout: Consume within 30

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