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 Two doctors, who happen to be cousins, collaborated together on a mission to help the world fight off man-made diseases. Dr El Fiky and Dr Mansour were both sick of seeing traditional medicine take its toll on patients and thought that there must be a better way.

Dr El Fiky is a world renowned Surgeon with a degree from Harvard Medical School in Clinical Research and comes from a family of world renowned physicians as well. His passion for wellness, healthy lifestyles, and promoting prevention over treatment show in his care for kids throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Dr El Fiky and his cousin Dr Yahya Mansour grew up active during their summers together on the Mediterranean Coast in Egypt. Both were quite active and healthy, then hit a rough patch of bad health, obesity, and a struggle back to their glory days.

Dr Mansour, a clinician by trade, and an entrepreneur by passion has a strong clinical background. After dual Bachelor degrees in Biology and Neuroscience at the University of California. He went on to get a Masters in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry before he got his DDS in 2008. He later on received his Fellowship in 2013, then obtained Diplomate status in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists in 2017. Dr Mansour was an athlete growing up, playing basketball, football, baseball, but his true loves were swimming and soccer, during his college years, Dr Mansour stopped playing soccer and suffered from significant weight gain, poor health, and depression. He struggled and fought back, determined to get back to his college soccer shape. He spent thousands of hours training with the best in weightlifting, nutrition, mental health, self help, nutrition, genetics, and wellness. This knowledge is the basis for the MEIKKI program, and I want to share it with YOU!!

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